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Telug Bhogi Subhakankshalu kavithau with hd wallpappers

Sankranthi is the main festival for all Hindus. Sankranthi festival will be celebrated for 3 days as Bhogi, Sankranthi and Kanuma. Every day of Sankranthi has its own significance. People celebrate Bhogi festival on 13th January, Makara Sankranthi on 14th January and Kanuma on 15th January every year. Bhogi, Sankranthi and Kanuma are the favourite days for all Hindu people, also these days are most worshipped by all Hindus across the world. The starting day of celebrations among these 3 is bhogi. This festival is mainly celebrated to worship lord of rains, lord Indra. Mainly farmers make prayer to lord Indra to give the ample rain to harvest their crops. On the day of Bhogi people will cook Pongal with freshly harvested rice to offer to god. 

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